At BDC, we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced fully equipped drilling packages in the industry.

Front and centre of our drilling fleet are our three new Versa-Drill V 2095 EXP rigs that have been manufactured to our specifications by Laibe Corp in the USA.

These heavy hoist top head drive rigs are undoubtedly the most advanced in Australia and offer a rare level of productivity and safety.

Among the long list of features offered by these rigs are:

  • 8 x 6 custom carriers (driven by the powerful drilling rig engine)
  • Drilling rig hydraulics powered by CAT C 18 engines delivering 630 HP
  • Patented no load mast with 11m total head travel and casing stinger for installing Range III casing up to 20 inch diameter.
  • High performance 3 speed top head delivering 43 ton pull back and 15,5 ton pull down.
  • Automated rod handling system with hands free operation.
  • Onboard 3 x 4 centrifugal mud pumps and 1250 CFM x 350 PSI air compressors.
  • 4 ½” IF or 3 ½” IF Drill Strings with ample collars. Rigs tooled for depths in excess of 1,000 metres.
  • Our rigs are also fully supported by a host of modern backup equipment including rod trucks, and water tankers.

Mud systems available include surface mud tanks with incorporated shakers and desanders with 500 GPM capacity.

In addition to on board centrifugal pumps, BDC also maintains high pressure auxiliary mud pumps including several positive displacement Rupe Pumps and a skid mounded 6 x 16 Emsco DA 500 Pump rated to 500 HP.