Drill Rigs

At BDC, we pride ourselves on offering the most advanced fully equipped drilling packages in the industry.

Front and centre of our drilling fleet are our three Versa-Drill V 2095 EXP rigs that have been manufactured to our specifications by Laibe Corp in the USA.

These heavy hoist top head drive rigs are undoubtedly the most versatile in Australia and offer a rare level of productivity and safety.

The Versa-Drill V-2095EXP is mounted on an eight wheel drive custom carrier. Powered by a 630 hp engine, it boasts a three speed top head delivering 43 ton pull back, on board air and mud pump with an automated pipe handling system allowing hands-free operation.

All this power demands a trained and experienced crew on-site to run it safely and effectively. Our modern fleet of Al

l Wheel drive trucks and Auxiliary support equipment complete each drilling package.

Pumps & Compressors

Mud systems available include surface mud tanks with incorporated shakers and de sanders with 500 GPM capacity. In addition to on board rig pumps, BDC maintains a fleet of containerised high pressure auxiliary jack up triplex mud pumps. For large diameter air drilling requirements our fleet includes three auxiliary 500psi/900cfm-350psi/1300cfm compressors.

Pipe Handlers

Automated pipe handling system with hands free operation.

Trucks and Backhoes

Our purpose built fleet ensures that our operations run smoothly and on time. Consisting of Prime Movers, 8 x 8 Trucks, 4 x 4 Trucks, waste oil trailers, drop deck trailers and Taut liner trailers to name a few.

Also accompanying our fleet are AWD backhoes, forklifts and truck mounted cranes. Contact us for more information.