The Versa-Drill V-2095EXP 

We’ve come a long way since Len Linaker built his first drilling rig, but working with some of the world’s largest multinationals has meant investing in state of the art equipment to support their demanding requirements.  BDC Drilling now owns and operates a fleet of Versa-Drill V-2095EXP rigs that have been manufactured to our specifications bu the Laibe Corp in Indianapolis, USA.

A favourite of the oil and gas industry, the Versa-Drill V-2095EXP is mounted on an eight wheel drive custom carrier. Powered by a 630 hp engine, it boasts a three speed top head delivering 43 ton pull back and 15.5 ton pull down, with an automated rod handling system allowing hands-free operation,

All this power demands a trained and experienced crew on-site to run it safely and effectively.  A typical package would see the Versa-Drill V-2095ECP supported by five or six personnel on-site, accompanied by a water truck, a pipe truck and another truck carrying casings, compressors, mud pumps and other associated equipment.

It’s a very different operation to one Le would have recogninsed, but typifies perhaps the wholesale changes that have occurred in the industry over the last sixty years.  Not just the huge technological advances but also the implementation of extremely rigorous safety procedures – a non negotiable aspect of work for all clients, large and small.