BDC has been established as a division of Bunbury Drilling Company to offer the resource industry of Western Australia an alternative specialist drilling contractor.

Hydrogeological drilling is required at almost every mine site in Australia and is extensively used to extend a mines operating lifetime and increase the resources available to extract. Production Bores and Monitoring Bores are pivotal to ongoing mining operations.

BDC offers multi purpose combination drilling rigs capable of drilling Mud Rotary and Down Hole Hammer to deliver project requirements. The V-2095 EXP rigs are setting the benchmark in both safety and operational function. The rigs are supported by a modern fleet of heavy and light vehicles designed to offer operational proficiencies. Improvement through technology and offering engineering solutions to the operational requirements sees BDC maintaining a Zero Harm Target.

BDC operational rosters and modern equipment see our crews enjoying an industry leading working environment and lifestyle.